Traxamillion Signed Tech Boom (CD)


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Traxamillion Signed Tech Boom (CD)


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Album fully Produced by Traxamillion

Featuring artists from San Jose, CA ONLY

 1. Tech Boom Intro

2. Days Inn ft City Shawn

3. Mood RN ft Flammy Marciano 

4. Bout To Go Down ft Young Wappo & Ca$ha

5. Own Zone ft Sito & Traxamillion

6. Magic ft Molia

7. Dope Dealer ft Outrageous Karina & Traxamillion

8. Parolee ft Stocc, Ziggy & City Shawn

9. This Or That ft Flammy Marciano & Prince Mula

10. Knock It Off ft M.O.E. & City Shawn

11. Ain't No Love ft Bless Ya'Soul, Ziggy & Waymond McKissick

12. All ft Mac, Ziggy & Taj Withers

13. Cold World ft Dough Hello & Taj Withers

14. So Crazy ft Nsanity

15. Nobody ft Flammy Marciano, Taj Withers & Prince Mula

16. Space ft City Shawn & Flammy Marciano